"Extra Life" (Stand​-​Up Show)

by Stuart Goldsmith

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Dave H
Dave H thumbnail
Dave H Great to finally hear your full set on band camp. I must say it's rare to hear such a well thought out flow and wrap up / pay off at the end. Great stuff. Off to buy the next one. And.... you were right to leave the drunks in.
David Neustein
David Neustein thumbnail
David Neustein I loved Princess Uncle Stu, and this set is even better. I like long-form, and the crowd work and callbacks were spot on. I wouldn't have expected that there was anything new that could be said about gender difference, babies, or broccoli, so that was a surprise. I must find a way to see the impressions of inanimate objects, even if it means stalking Stu in Edinburgh. In the meantime, I'll be camping outside the virtual shop waiting for 'An Hour' to be released.
If you aren't already listening to The Comedian's Comedian podcast, I'd recommend it.
Ni Fi
Ni Fi thumbnail
Ni Fi Brilliant show which has adorable audience interaction topped with a topper on a topper on a topper and a killer callback. Listen to the whole thing from the start, obviously, but I was laughing and crying with laughter by the end. Despite his affable demeanour on the com com pod, Stu is actually an evil comedy genius. Expertly crafted and highly recommended! Favorite track: Extra Life.
Kevin Bradshaw
Kevin Bradshaw thumbnail
Kevin Bradshaw Great album! Made a monday in the office so much better. Although constantly being asked why I was smirking at my desk drew some suspicions. Favorite track: Robot.
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This was the only recording I made of this show, and it's kind of a shame that the drunk men arrived. But to be fair they weren't that bad, and I thought it'd be interesting to leave most of our interactions with one another in the edit.

Although all the stories on this album are true, I've taken a few liberties with exactly who said what. Giles is completely blameless, and it was someone else entirely who said that thing about never having kids.

The "impressions of inanimate objects" are brilliant, and I'm sorry you can't see them here. Best grab me at a gig sometime and I'll show you, or I'll try and convince the originator to release a video of them...

It's a standalone show, but my work often reflects my life very closely, so I suppose it sort of forms part one of what we might think of as "The Boutros Trilogy"... Listening back knowing what we know now is pretty amazingly weird in places. I'm also struck by how self-congratulatory I sound, but in my defence I was really enjoying myself. And if you can't be self-indulgent during your own hour of stand-up, when can you?

This album is dedicated to Vera.


released May 12, 2016

All material created and performed by Stuart Goldsmith, with very helpful feedback from James Acaster and Sarski Anderson, apart from "jelly-baby" and "shark" jokes by Charlie and Felix.

Photography and design by Andre Pattenden.

Edited by Stu on free software called "Audacity".



all rights reserved


Stuart Goldsmith London, UK

Hi I'm Stu!

I'm a stand-up based in London and the host of the "Comedian's Comedian" podcast.

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